US Minorities Demand Concrete Policy from Presidential Candidates
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Schein: Bosa's contract negotiations shouldn't be this bad
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Today’s edition of the Joke of the Day is an ancient historical artifact!

"The most profound statements are often said in silence."

~Lynn Johnston (1947 - ), For Better or For Worse, 01-15-04

One of the issues in federal campaigns is the possible sale or transfer of federal lands to the individual states. Supporters say the states will do a better job of managing the lands. Opponents point to the cost of management, and say the states will wind up selling the land to private companies and individuals.  Should federal lands be transferred to the states?

The Wyoming Cowboys football team’s first game of the season is Saturday, September 3.  How do you think the Cowboys will do this year?

(WyomingNetwork does NOT represent this as a scientific poll.)
The Wyoming Legislature is considering a bill that would allow state agencies to charge fees when members of the public want to inspect electronic records. They say the fees would cover the costs of staff time needed to prepare the records. Opponents say the state employees are already paid by the taxpayers, and extra fees should not be imposed.   Should state agencies charge fees to prepare electronic records for the public?

Yes, charge fees to cover the cost of employee time

No, do not charge fees, employees are already paid by taxpayers

Uber has announced plans to launch a fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh.  Would you feel comfortable riding in a self-driving car?

Yes, I would enjoy riding in a self-driving car

No, I would not ride in a self-driving car


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